The Fun Is Just Beginning

It’s hard to believe that in about 9 hours, I’ll officially be a college student. I’ll live in a dorm, be almost completely independent, and have TONS of freedom. To be honest, it’s a little scary, but I’m totally excited! I’ve got most of my stuff packed up in my car (who will now be referred to as “Hank”), a new job I’m starting next week, and a roommate to meet in the morning! Funny story about her, actually. I was told that my roommate’s name was Alexandria, but unfortunately I was not provided with contact information. After a few phone calls, voice mails, and emails I was informed that “Alexandria” was not my roommate. Well, that’s just peachy, I thought. I did finally found out that my real roommate is named Lynzie. : ] I’m rather anxious to meet her! She seems pretty chill and laid back like me, and I’m sure she will be mentioned quite a few times here (I am living with her after all!).

I’m sure some of you are rather confused by the name of this blog, so I’ll break it down for you!

The – a definite article, used to indicate that the following noun is unique

Dixie – I’m a country girl. A Carolina girl, actually. And that’s South Carolina, not North. But no, I’m not a Cocks fan. Go Tigers! C-L-E-M-S-OOOO-N!

I have the belt buckle to prove it!

Wolverine – As much as I am a “Yankees go home!” type of girl, my love for the Michigan Wolverines cannot be shaken. It’s something my daddy instilled in me, and I intend to pass it on to my kids (granted I have them.. pets will suffice too).

Go Blue!

See, that wasn’t that hard, now was it? ; ] Well folks, I have an early morning ahead of me, and I probably should get some sleep. Wish me luck!!

About thedixiewolverine

I'm a bonafide Dixie chick who happens to be in love with the Michigan Wolverines. I'm exploring my first year of college while trying to figure out where God is taking me in my short vapor of a life. This is my story. Have a good one, y'all!
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1 Response to The Fun Is Just Beginning

  1. gramma says:

    Kaleigh, thank you so much for this – I love it

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